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How I dropped 50 pounds fast..... and GAINED confidence, energy, peace, and MYSELF back.

How did I get here? That's the thought that crossed my mind at least once an hour a few months ago.

And no I wasn't talking about a location, but ME.

The extremely overweight me, the always exhausted me, the sad, the frustrated, the anxiousness ridden, the always overwhelmed, the not sleeping, the panic stricken, the endlessly fearful, the hide in my room all day hating myself ME.

I was at the highest weight I'd ever been in my life, 233 lbs.

And I felt every ounce of it when I tried to walk up a flight of stairs, or reach my legs to shave them, or wedge myself into a rollercoaster car, or simply buckle an airline seatbelt.

And I hated every second of it.....and hated myself for getting there.

I know a lot of you reading this can definitely relate and let me tell you- even though you may feel alone, helpless, hopeless.....YOU'RE NOT.

I found hope and help and support and my sole purpose in writing this blog is to share all of that with you in the hopes that what I found helps you too.

So here begins my story, my journey of how I not only dropped over 50 lbs in just a few months, but GAINED so much more than that- peace, confidence, self love, acceptance, great sleep, endless energy, calmness, control of my anxiousness and emotions, I could go on forever.

And I will go on and on about all of it, how I did it, so stay tuned and follow my blog for all the details, the tips, the tricks, the products I found and love.

But first- the question on your mind I'm sure as you read this- just how did you drop those 50 lbs fast?

This is the photo that started it all. 

A photo with best friend that made me realize just how big I'd gotten.

Instead of happy memories, this photo made me devastated, embarassed, and sick to my stomach.

I couldn't even button my 1X overalls all the way.

I'm sure y'all can relate. We all have that photo right? 

But I am not that 233 lb person anymore.

Because as of today I have officially dropped 53 lbs and 95 inches in a span of about 4.5 months.

And the answer is simple- I found what I've now deemed as "miracle patches"- and yes I know how that sounds- farfetched, too good to be true, unrealistic, like a scam- but rest assured it is not.

I call them that because they have been a miracle for me, a miracle that I NEVER expected and honestly NEEDED more than anything.

So what are these miracle patches I'm sure you're thinking now?

Some kind of witchcraft or medication or quick fix thing that's going to leave you more damaged than you began?


They are vitamins, extracts, and essential oils. Period.

And all packaged neatly into a tiny 1 inch by 1 inch square patch that you stick on your body anywhere you want above your heart once a day for 8 hours.

Your body absorbs the specific combinations of these vitamins through your body's largest organ, your skin, and they go right into your bloodstream to be fully utilized by your body. Unlike pills, shakes, or anything you ingest that has to go through the gut and digestive system which breaks it down and looses most to waste, your body is actually able to absorb what it needs to by going through the skin instead.

These vitamins and essential oils and extracts also have been formulated in certain amounts and combinations to target burning fat (especially from your tummy, can I hear a HALLELUJAH?!) getting rid of cravings (yes even donuts and pizza!), controlling hunger (yep no more midnight Taco Bell runs needed), and get this........tightening up allllll that left over 3 babies later hanging cellulite ridden skin at the same time. I literally feel like I've been shrink wrapped in the best way ever of course!

See why I say Miracle now?

So I'm sure you're thinking what's the catch right? 

Is it that my heart will feel like it's going to jump out of my chest and run its own marathon, or that I'll just feel so awful and nauseous I won't BE ABLE to eat so that's why you drop weight?

Nope no catch. And NO SIDE EFFECTS. 

Honestly, this shocked me more than anything because let's be real, I've tried all the pills, the shakes, the pre-made meals, the Apple Cider Vinegar, the Cabbage Soup, the Hollywood Diet more times than I care to admit.......and every single other fad diet that you can think of and a ton that you probably haven't even heard of.

I've done them all. TWICE.

And they all make you feel awful. I've spent more time in the bathroom from most of these than most people do in their life.

So back to that catch- there isn't one.

Unless you consider the fact that you do still need to eat healthy and drink water a catch, but I definitely don't as that's a given with ANYTHING that actually works. I also use this motivational water bottle to make drinking water easy!

There is nothing in this world that will help get your body healthy if you're filling it with unhealthy foods and drinks. It's impossible.

BUT what there is are these amazing little patches, miracle patches if you will, that make it EASY.

Yes I said EASY when referring to dropping weight.

I never thought I would say that. EVER. 

But it's true. 

These patches make it easy to eat healthy because they help control your cravings.

These patches make it easy to eat less because they help to curb your appetite.

These patches make it easy to stick to it because you feel GOOD.

These patches make it easy to drop weight because they teach your body to burn fat like a person who doesn't struggle with their weight's body does.

So your next question I'm guessing is just where can you get these little magical little patches right? 

Are they from some land far away and take weeks or months to arrive from overseas?


They come from Texas y'all and you can get them HERE.

And I even have a special little code if y'all want to try them for yourself that will give you a one time 10% OFF your order!

Just use code: "BLOG" at checkout!

P.S. That code will work for all of the different patches and hint hint yes there's more kinds....remember when I talked about better sleep and no more anxiousness? More on this later.....

And you WILL thank me later, I promise. 

Because if you're like I was and feel like NOTHING will work or has worked for you and you've tried everything, these are for you. If you want to drop weight and feel better FINALLY, these are for you. If you want something that ACTUALLY works and woks well, these are for you. If you want to feel confident and love yourself again, these are for you.

If you don't know how you got to where you are and don't want to be there anymore, these are for you

Stay tuned like I said above for the rest of the story (remember that better sleep and energy and all that stuff about anxiousness?) and follow my blog for so much to come because I am just getting started.....and you can too.





  • I am so proud of how much you have accomplished. I know how hard it was for you to be able to bare your soul in this blog. Keep moving forward and continue your personal growth and confidence building. There isnt anything you cannot do.

    Andie Singer
  • I met you when you had your other business in Visalia. You are a lovely lady then and you continue to be a lovely lady. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not. Keep rocking on your life!

    Linda Richardson
  • Need the patch for ADHD, my granddaughter cannot concentrate. She is a very tinym9 year old, only 50 lbs. which patch is recommended and strength? Thank you.

    Phyllis (pd) Foster
  • Wow! Your testimony spoke to me. The third paragraph where you are talking about the sad, exhausted, overweight, not sleeping, panic stricken, anxiety ridden self loathing person who hid in her room – that is EXACTLY where I am at right now. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life and certainly the saddest. Your story gives me hope and is encouraging me to take that leap of faith and try the darn itches I’ve had sitting at my house for months that I haven’t tried because I’m too terrified of failing at something else and feeling worse… again. I’m hopefully that I can lose weight, but even more so that I can stop the never ending voice in my head that says I’m not good enough and is so ashamed of myself. Maybe I can find just an ounce of self love – and that would make all the difference.

    Summer Grissom

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